Commanding Presence is exactly what it says.

Commanding Presence is exactly what it says. By awakening our fullest potential to connect with any audience. You will go on a personal, technically and business journey unlike any other. Commanding Presence awakens sleeping giants and refines the masters. I encourage every hairdresser at any level to embrace this educational, inspiring and entertaining course.

Christopher Asta
Christopher Asta Owner, Harmony Hairdressing, Peterborough

This course was amazing for me

This course was amazing for me. It made me really change the way I do things and interact with people. No more auto pilot I’m taking control and moving forward! This course makes you consciously aware of what you are doing and allowed me to grow in a way I had never thought I could!

Wayne Moura
Wayne Moura Salon Owner, Calgary

The three-day course more than exceeded my expectations

When I signed up for the Commanding Presence course with Ford momentum, I was expecting to attend a typical presentation skills training event. The three-day course more than exceeded my expectations. I have had the opportunity to train with some amazing coaches in the industry and Colin’s class was able to break down everything I have learned so far and help to create a system that I can follow and apply to each and every class or group I teach. Colin built my confidence, not only professionally but personally as well. It was one of the most effective classes that I have ever taken and I was able to apply my new skills directly into real life the next day. The ability to connect with others takes work and practice and I feel after Commanding Presence I have the tools in my toolbox to become the presenter I have always wanted to be!

Nicole Pidherny
Nicole Pidherny Owner Pomme Salon, Kelowna

I have gained more respect...

I had the opportunity to meet Colin Ford at a Kerastase seminar where he coached me with public speaking for a specific presentation. The amount of help, clarity and courage he instilled in me during that short experience made it an easy decision to attend his FORD Momentum Commanding Presence 3 day seminar. Colin gave me the voice I was seeking in future public speaking opportunities. I learned how to communicate better with any type of audience, including my staff, and personal relationships. I have gained more respect from those around because Colin gave me the tools to connect with others, given any situation, and do so with certainty and impact. I would recommend Commanding Presence to anyone looking to gain comfort and confidence when public speaking or working on positive and effective communication.

Sylvie Prud’Homme
Sylvie Prud’Homme Salon Owner The Loft, Toronto

Thank you Colin, You’re awesome!

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and to tell you that what I learned from you has helped immensely with my presentation skills, class format and preparation…..all the details that will set apart a mediocre presentation/class and a great presentation/class that informs and inspires not just shares information. I can be a bit of a shy personality and often lack confidence but I ‘rocked’ a class recently the amazing teachings from you. Thank you Colin, You’re awesome!

Lori Capillo-Bastien
Lori Capillo-Bastien L’Oreal Professionnel Ambassador Educator

Preparing for the class is no longer overwhelming!!

I just taught my first master cutting class as a LP Portfolio artist and I want to say THANK YOU!!! The class has made presenting so much easier, less stress and worry, which allows me to bring a fun positive attitude, which creates an amazing learning environment!! Not to mention preparing for the class is no longer overwhelming!! Thank you again!!!

Jessica Viel
Jessica Viel L’Oreal Professionnel Ambassador Educator

Being part of his “Commanding Presence” training was the best..

The day I spent with Colin and being part of his “Commanding Presence” training was the best day of education that I have had in all my years attending education.

Jodi Meyers
Jodi Meyers Matrix Education Manager, Alberta

Build your Dream Team

"Build your Dream Team" We are living in an industry that is shaped and created by people. Our teams are the core to the success of any organization. Colin's 'Building your Dream Team' seminar empowers all teams to learn the tools necessary to take corporate culture to the next level. Most importantly everyone within the organization can live by a unique Code of Honour created by the team for the team. I highly recommend this program to anyone who works with a team....

Loyal Woodbridge
Loyal Woodbridge Loyal Hair Therapy, Kelowna

Their attitude has become more positive...

I have seen an incredible change in the team at the fairview mall. Their attitude has become more positive, their teamwork has improved and their retail sales have jumped quite a bit. I wish I had met you sooner, this situation could have been resolved so much sooner. Sincerely , may thanks for your inspiring vision and knowledge, have an amazing day....

Natalya Morlacchetti
Natalya Morlacchetti HQ Salon, St Catherines